Have you ever wanted to implement some cool solution in your company just because you heard a CEO of a successful company talk about it at the conference, business meeting or in sauna and it felt just absolutely genius? How did it go? How easy is it actually to implement ideas and solutions that seem to appear out of thin air for people? Especially if they need to change their thinking or behavior as a result of this? 

If you yourself have worked in some bigger organization and not in management position then perhaps you have had occasions where the top manager, after going again to some foreign conference or visit, comes out with some fabulous ideas that should get implemented. People shiver, walk by the walls not to get in touch with the manager and hope it will pass. I have some colorful memories of this kind. “Oh, went to the foreign visit again, who knows what he will bring with him!” And like this every time. Sometimes a manager might be actually able to push through some solutions, despite that people don’t really understand what they are supposed to do and why. But this will quite certainly affect people’s productivity for a while. And not always towards the positive, as you can imagine. 

Put your communication skills in good use

Starting from a solution like this takes a bit more work than starting with a problem or a goal, because then these things are already there. With a solution you sort of need to take a step back. And it’s definitely not rocket science. You can do so much already by merely using your communication skills. If you have a good overview of your company, you know the work processes and how people think, then you know what their worries, joys and dreams are, and that’s where you start. 

What do you people need to make processes more effective, for the organizational environment to support them etc? Does the solution that you brought along help satisfy their needs, achieve their dreams and thus help your company to be more successful? Let’s say you got enlightened about the potential force of empowered employees if you put self-managing teams into action. Before you run out to hire a consultant for this and organize trainings, it would be beneficial to touch base with your people, whether your people, working so far only under the supervisor’s lead, are at all ready for this and whether you can build that change on this readiness. 

Make your employees your tailwind

Negotiations and discussions are needed for you not to push alone against the wind, but instead had everyone in the company to feel that this is their solution as well and they would rather become your tailwind. But then it really has to be that, not just worded suitably, otherwise you will just shoot your own leg and are in much bigger trouble and resistance with your next good ideas. 

If the solutions fits your people then the rest is already a matter of cooperation – who does what and when. People are the most valuable resource of the organization and changes can only be built on that resource, because even if financial and legal stuff is all of top notch, changes will fail due to not enough attention on human factor. 


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