When you think of the word ‘failure’, what comes to your mind? Do you have that word in your vocabulary? And if you don’t have it in your vocabulary, do you have it in your ‘system’? How do you know if you have it in your system?

If you use the words ‘failure’ or ‘failing’, then it’s easy to understand that this concept is in your system. But what if you don’t use it, how can you then understand whether you have it? Well, check out my video about how I discovered the hidden concept in me and busted it then and there. You can bust it as well, just listen to what you tell yourself before doing something new or something that scares you a bit and make a list of these things. If you are in the learning mindset, then this list is just about enough to tackle those fears, they will just appear funny. 

In case you feel you need a little more support in getting into the mindset, I will suggest one easy exercise. Whenever you feel that you want to tell yourself “Oh, how come I failed again to…!” and start feeling bad about this, keep these questions at hand for sobering up: 

  1. What do I want to achieve right now? 
  2. What are the options/solutions I have at hand? 
  3. What can I learn from this? 
  4. What can I be grateful for in this situation? 
  5. What’s funny about all this? 

I’m sure you can answer at least one of those questions at the time you feel overwhelmed. Keep a sticky note on your computer or between your wallet in case the focus jumps to self-pity or anger easily in which case we tend to forget the tools we have to help ourselves. Our attention is like a drunken monkey if we don’t control it, but it is controllable with setting an intention to your focus. If you focus on failure, then that’s where the focus goes. If you focus on learning, solutions, goals, humor or gratitude, then this is what each next failure and mistake will become.  

Have fun! 


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