Pain. Freedom. Fear. Curiosity. Resilience. Passion. Pleasure. Balance. These are keywords that summarize the story of creating Headflow. At first there was pain and a belief that change shouldn’t always be as painful. Neither in the individual nor in the organization. But it is always easier to look beyond oneself and not inside. That’s how I started as well. I was studying organizational change and saw that there is so much of what can be summarized in the word ‘pain’. This scientific work is almost finished and I still believe that change in an organization can be charming and full of learning for all parties. I also understand that pain cannot be taken away, but conditions can be created for it not to be in vain and that it would turn into sweet learning.

Then suddenly I was standing in front of a decision to remake my own life. It was the time when my contract at the university was about to end and my position in the ministry was put out for layoff. That’s when the true feeling of freedom hit me. I had dreamed about it, so secretly that it was a dream hidden even from myself, but I had never dared to take step towards it. “I will finish my PhD and then I will think about it.”, “But I cannot leave the university, I am reading a basic course, what will happen to it?!” – these were my strategies of postponing the decision. At the same time I was feeling that I cannot continue this way – two jobs, two smalls kids and a PhD to do. Only when I was completely free I realized a) I had wanted it all along but hadn’t dared to take the step and b) everything can be done, but when looking at yourself and your life from inside one just cannot see it.

I realized that all doors are open, I was curious about everything, but fear never-the-less was lurking behind the corner. Told me to study more, read more, go to some more courses and not to hurry. Until one kind person told me that Age, you have everything, just start walking. I still went through the entrepreneurial training, to be sure, and the Coaching Diploma Course. And then I felt I was ready for that first step. Actually, I was ready even before that, but all these steps opened my eyes even more widely to the opportunities lying ahead.

In this process of changing myself, reading and listening to the stories of others, I understood that redesigning one’s life does not have to be as painful. You don’t have to loose your family and your work. You don’t have to start when you are at the zero-point. The only thing is that it is really difficult to understand that you need it when you are not in that point zero yet. It is hard even when life is already pretty complicated, emotions run wild and your nose is above the water only by automation or because there’s someone to take care of. Fear accompanies the steps that need to be taken to change one’s life. Fear of the unknown. Fear of change.

Fear of change and pain from not knowing how are the things that Headflow wants to change in this world. To create a safe place for growth so that it is not motivated only by fear and pain as the pushing force but also curiosity, passion, pleasure and balance as the pulling force. So that the process of it in an individual and in an organization would be led by consciousness. Conscious self-management is also a basis for conscious organizational management.

‘Head’ in the name refers to consciousness, but not only the rational kind, but also consciousness of the world of feelings and the body. ‘Flow’ means flow that arrives once you lead your life using all senses. The basis for this comes from curiosity and the Beginner’s Mind. These lead to resilience, that graceful flexibility which turns the pain and mistakes into learning. That is where passion, pleasure and balance come from. It is beautiful to be in the flow.



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