Personal freedom of worklife

I will support you in gaining satisfaction with your worklife choices and the continuing path.

company’s growth consciousness

I will help you understand the practices of your organization so you can lead your organization through changes more effectively.

leader consciousness

I will support your growth as a leader and your understanding of your team so your company can grow without interruptions.

About us

Enjoying change and growth

Pain. Freedom. Fear. Curiosity. Resilience. Passion. Pleasure. Balance. These are the most important keywords to summarize the story of creating Headflow.



The focus of coaching is self management of worklife and work-related (education-related) choices when you are thinking of change or of where to start.

worklife trainings

Trainings focus on designing worklife. The goal is train employees who design their work consciously and have a more effective cooperation with their employer due to that.

studies and trainings of organizational change

Studies aim at making sense of company’s practices to design them and lead organizational changes more effectively. Trainings will be based on research findings and will support their implementation.


The power of growth lies in cooperation. It is the enjoyment of sharing ideas and getting inspired by each other.

In EBS I support BA students in designing their worklife in a special course and in Executive Education there is an adult training course about worklife design and inserts in other learning programs.

Contriber is in charge of a program called .Cocoon – a self-discovery and company growth program through personal mentoring, where I have been part of the mentoring team. Growing with the startups.

Cooperation with the local Vocational Education Centre supports the unemployed with worklife design skills.

School for New Teachers is an NGO which among other programs has a one for supporting headmasters through coaching – this is the point of our cooperation.

Our Team

If the goals and the story of the company speak to you and you want to join the team, do give a sign of yourself!

Age Rosenberg

I love space and freedom to grow and I feel that by creating that room for others I can step-by-step make the world a better place. I believe that if people are conscious about how they themselves and the relationships around them, including organizations, work, the basis for a flowing change is created.  My role is to offer another eye and a flashlight to look into places where one hasn’t yet looked, and help to use this power with questions and other tools. I love my work trinity – coaching, training and research!

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Pain. Freedom. Fear. Curiosity. Resilience. Passion. Pleasure. Balance. These are keywords that summarize the story of creating Headflow. At first there was pain and a belief that change shouldn’t always be as painful. Neither in the individual nor in the organization. But it is always easier […]

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